Curatif Never Never Negroni (4- pack) - 4 x 140mL/18.8%

Curatif Never Never Negroni (4- pack) - 4 x 140mL/18.8%

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Curatif Negroni Canned Cocktails

One of world’s most enduring and simplest cocktails is a perfect gin Negroni. This is a drink with its foundations built in balance.

Curatif's Never Never Distilling Co Negroni is a masterclass in balance, a perfectly blended homage to the monarch of classic Italian aperitifs. The unmistakable, irreplaceable bitter orange profile of Campari - without which a Negroni may not be made - acts perfectly as the foundation for the elegant and refined Mancino Vermouth Rosso, created by superstar bartender Giancarlo Mancino, to flex it's complexity borne of the 38 botanicals employed in it's creation. The sweetness and luxury of Mancino's Vermouth is tempered by the inclusion of juniper elements, which are matched and elevated perfectly by Never Never Distilling Co's multi Gold Medal winning Triple Juniper Gin, whose length and complexity brings together an incredible harmony of depth, texture, balance, and flavour to create an unparalleled Negroni. 

With the ease of purchasing at our online store, all of your Negroni drink needs will be met and on the way to your door in seconds.

Curatif Cocktails are ready to be enjoyed from the moment you open the box.

ABV: 17.35%

Volume: 140ml