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Our wine selection is in partnership with Sarment who connects consumers seamlessly with their passions and the world's most coveted objects and experiences. Wines are carefully curated by a team of ambassadors especially for your home bar, bringing flavour and richness to your dining and hosting experiences. As a one-stop-shop we have a selection of beer for your party needs. 
For the beer lovers we carry Pilsner Urquell the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness.

The Best Wine Collection Online

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A real connoisseur knows how to choose and enjoy quality wine. An outstanding collection form the world’s best wineries is offered to connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts, here at our online store. The best part is, you can have an exclusive bottle of wine delivered directly to your door.

Our online store policy is customer-centric. Much as we endeavor to offer only the best wine products and rare exclusive bottles, we also tend to offer reasonable prices for our premium bottles. In order to please our customers, we offer fast and convenient delivery. Buying wine online is an easy and simple way to prepare for a celebration or an intimate, home wine tasting.

If you want to buy wine online, Singapore best online store is at your service. We have a vast assortment of high-quality wines for any price range and different preferences.

Red Wine

Strong aromas, dry to semi-dry red wines and quality aged red wines with rich nutty and fruity flavors. The collection of exclusive aged red wines ranges from 2006th to 2017th. The older, the better. Aged red wines are to be enjoyed alone. Food pairings are welcome but well, their rich aromas and powerful fruity flavors are too good to be fused.

Red wines are complex and reach in taste. Wine lovers love the bold taste of a quality red wine. Our collection contains carefully picked bottles for connoisseurs with experienced taste buds and easy-loving aromas of semi-dry red wines. A party won’t go with at least a bottle of red wine for the real red wine expert.

White Wine

We are proud to present exclusive bottles of white wine in our online collection. From the tropical and citrusy State Landt’s Sauvignon Blanc to the fusion of fruits, nuts and spices inside 2016th Chateau De Martinon, we offer the full range.

A bottle of sweet, fragrant white wine goes well with desserts on romantic dinners. A bottle of classic white wine is great for a regular enjoyment with daily corses with your family. Any exclusive bottle of wine from our collection will make you look like an experienced connoisseur in front of your guests. There is something for all tastes and budgets in our white wine Singapore’s best online collection.

Rose Wine

A bottle of rose wine from our collection brings the best blends of high-quality wines. Rose wine is intended to bring elegance in your every day wine enjoyment. The sweeet and light flavors are appealing to almost every wine lover’s taste. Rose wine is intended for a crisp finish to your afternoon meal and dessert.

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is appropriate for a celebration and special occasions in life. It’s great for a party since most people find it light and enjoyable. When it comes to sparkling wines, Prosecco is an excellent choice. Make your special day unforgettable and order a sparkling wine at our online shop.

Grab your guest’s attention and give them a warm welcome by popping up a bottle of quality Prosecco or Champagne!

What type of wine do we sell?

We sell a special collection of premium white, red, rose wines and champagnes. At EC Proof you can find special edition wine bottles and premium aged wines. If you want to buy wine, Singapore’s best wine collection contains quality wines from the world’s most renowned wine brands. 


When do items get delivered?

Items ordered in our online store are delivered the same day or throughout the next day. Every bottle of wine, Singapore wide, that was ordered before 2 pm will be delivered the same day Monday to Friday. If the order was placed after 2 pm alcohol will be delivered the next working day. 


Do you Deliver to all of Singapore?

Yes, EC Proof services deliver alcohol everywhere in Singapore. If you want to buy wine online, Singapore’s best online alcohol services will get your bottle delivered to your door fast and convenient. All you need to do is choose your preferred wine and place your order today.


Is Delivery Free?

We offer free of charge wine delivery, Singapore wide, for wine bottles or alcohol orders in the amount of $50 or above. The free delivery for the particular price of $50, is available for all places through Singapore’s territory. Customers that order alcohol in lesser amount than $50 will be offered with a convenient delivery fee. 


What time does delivery occur?

EC Proof alcohol delivery occurs from  12pm to 8 pm. We deliver every day except Sundays. If you order wine online, Singapore’s fastest delivery will get the bottle to your door in the next 24 hours. Depending on the time the order was placed (before or after 2 pm) the delivery occurs the same day or the next day.